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The Bullseye Digital Notepad and Free Bullseye App

Available to download now in Apple, Android (Google Play) and Windows Stores


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Most criminal and mental health law work is conducted outside of the office - at police stations, hospitals, courts, prisons and tribunals. The Bullseye Digital Notepad and FREE App digitises both mobile and office criminal defence work. It works with all good criminal law software.

The Bullseye Vision:

Mobile working with the Bullseye App will

  • Digitise the taking of comprehensive attendance notes at any location.
  • Secure data in storage and transmission including emails
  • Make those notes immediately available to colleagues without the need to meet or go to the office.
  • Update case management by uploading the notes to the Case Management system.
  • Update the Client & Office diaries.
  • Update time recording and disbursements.
  • Update overtime, commissions, and disbursements to Fee Earners.
  • Allow contents of notes to merge with standard letters.
  • Allow access to client correspondence, prosecution papers, defence documents and third party communications.
  • Make redundant the need to scan defence work when archiving.

The Bullseye Digital Notepad:

This is a web based product available on all internet enabled devices including Desktop PC’s, Macs, Laptops and Tablets through a web Browser.

  • This suite of programs incorporates all the forms that criminal defence and mental health practitioners require to record their work:
    • Police Station Telephone Attendance
    • Police Station Attendance
    • Magistrates Court Attendance (Including Court Duty)
    • Preparation / Attendance Notes for generic work including Prison Law and Crown Court Litigation
    • Crown Court Advocacy (including Court of Appeal)
    • Mental Health 1st Tier work
  • No two attendances are the same, paper forms have size limitations and can be hard to read. The Bullseye Digital Notepad  has no such limitations and adapts its questions to mirror the complexity of your case as it develops.
  • All work done is synchronised and available to all other users in your firm.
  • Data is collected in digital form at inception and there is never the need for laborious and expensive conversion.
  • The Notepad can print any attendance note as a PDF Attachment.
  • No need to physically deliver urgent paperwork to colleagues and the office.
  • Bullseye ensures that your data is encrypted in transmission and securely located on servers in the UK as per ICO requirements.
  • Practice/Case Management Systems are updated, this includes Time recording, Diaries, and Fee Earners' remuneration.
  • Easy to archive resultant digital files

The Bullseye Digital Notepad is a powerful tool that is further enhanced when accessed with The FREE Bullseye App, making it mobile and usable on and offline.

The Bullseye App:


Tablets/Laptops are central to any Long term solution where work is not done at the office:

  • Easy to use when you are on your feet moving around the police station.
  • The Free App is avaialble on Android, iPad & Windows tablets/laptops. Download from the relevant store and then register in our members page of this website.
  • Light and easy to transport.
  • The Bullseye App allows users to use it online or offline (NB prisons are offline).
  • Harnesses your tablet's in built speech recognition to use with The Bullseye App.

Easy to use:

  • Tablets are touch sensitive, logical in navigation and can be used with both screen activated keyboards or/and external keyboards.
  • Take digital signatures from your client - e.g. Prepared Statements in a police station, or from a client detailed in a hospital.
  • Client’s consent forms and prepared statements can be emailed while on location and online.

Ease of Transition from paper to digital:

  • Bullseye provides Web Based tutorials for each type of work.
  • No need to physically deliver urgent paperwork to colleagues and the office.

The office is always up to date with what is going on:

  • The Bullseye App can email any attendance note as a PDF Attachment.
  • There is a Bullseye Bridge (for Non Bullseye Practice/Case management users) that creates an output to update third party systems. The Bullseye Bridge is available under separate licence agreement.
  • Practice/Case Management Systems are updated, this includes Client Creation, Matter Creation, Time recording, Conflict checks, Diaries, and Fee Earners’ remuneration.

Secure and Compliant:

  • Bullseye ensures that your data is encrypted in transmission and securely located on servers in the UK as per ICO requirements..
  • The Bullseye App will send all emails and attachments using secure connections.

Savings Easily outweigh Costs:

  • The Bullseye Digital Notepad is available at £19.50 per month [63p per day] and in addition comes with the Free Bullseye App.
  • Massive savings in time in terms of auto form filling of core repeat details.
  • Paper, Printing and Photocopying savings.
  • Postage and time travel savings.
  • Savings on Duplication of input.
  • Savings on Letter production.
  • Savings In fee earners and support staff time.
  • In built Savings in digital archiving.


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