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Setting up Groups within The Bullseye App

Groups are required in order to allow colleagues to view each other’s attendances. For this to work there must be a group supervisor who invites users to his group and pays for the group’s monthly subscription. Security is vital; therefore there is no way to join a group other than by invitation from the supervisor. Users who do not belong to a group can only see their own work. 
Freelancers who work for you on ad hoc basis can be an adjunct to your group
Freelancers are able to subscribe to the Digital Notepad and Free App and work for a number of firms. If a freelancer is working for you then you can provide him/her with your group name. Any work done for you will be visible on your group’s list of work and can be opened/read by your group before progressing the case. The Freelancer will not be able to see your group’s work. 
All the work of group users and associated freelancers can be imported into your Case Management System.

How it Works in Practice

Initially anybody can take up our free trial, however this does not make a group. Your firm must agree a supervisor who
  1. Registers as a user for a one month free trial
  2. Invites other users to join his group at any time
  3. Pays monthly subscriptions in advance
    This means that new members of the group have a free trial until the next subscription date
  4. Can delete members of his group at any time.


  1. Register as a User making sure to use a valid email address that you have access to [ Click here ]
  2. Confirm your registration by Clicking the link in Confirmation Email.
  3. Sign in to The Bullseye App via the Website (not on your Tablet App) [ Click here ]
  4. Go to the User Management Section
  5. Enter a colleagues email address into the Add New User Box and click Invite User
  6. This will send your colleague an email asking them to accept the invitation to the group
    When they accepted the invitation they will now be a member of your group
    The supervisor will now be responsible to arrange subscription payments for him/herself as well as all members of the group.
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