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External Agents: Freelancers, Consultants and self employed Counsel 

The Bullseye Digital Notepad is ideal for external agents, whether they work predominantly for one firm or work for many different firms. External Agents who work for many different firms can, from one subscription, record all their work and share it with the instructing firm. 
The Bullseye Digital Notepad and App take comprehensive notes and automatically share the notes of the external agent with the instructing firm without the need to manually deliver the notes. The Digital Notepad also has the facility to record the fee, disbursement and VAT owed to the external agent.
External agents who work predominantly for one firm can, if invited by the group supervisor, join as a member of that firm’s group. As a member of the group an external agent can see all the work done by other members of the group without the need to receive emails.  NB: The same freelancer can also subscribe as an independent user (with a second email address) to record work for other firms.
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