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1. Case Management/Accounts/Practice Management
  • Developed for single and multi-branch practitioners
  • Assists multi-disciplined firms
  • Manages casework and document production
  • Enables paperless working
  • Streamlines your workflow – including billing procedures and accounts
  • Makes compliance reporting easy
  • Switching to Bullseye is simple - we manage data migration for you
  • Comprehensive demo available, including live Q&A with one of our experts
2. Host your system on our cloud 
  • We own our own UK based Server environment 
  • This contains back up systems and is monitored 24/7/365
  • Microsoft Office
3. The Bullseye App
  • Full Digital working including taking electronic signatures. 
  • Produce Digital Attendance Notes. 
  • Works on and offline – at police stations, courts and prisons and hospitals
  • Promotes best practice and facilitates LAA compliance including the 45 minute requirement and 14-hour pw rule
  • Provides you with databases: examples: of 1600 offences and their mode of trial; police station, courts, hospital and prison venues an their LAA coding
  • Inbuilt time recording, includes disbursement and commission/overtime claims
  • Records outcomes or continuations with diary dates and bail conditions/ case histories
  • Syncs data with all the lawyers in your secure group
  • Available as a stand alone system or combine with case management for ultimate efficiency
For further details click here  DIGITAL WORKING
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There are many advantages in subscribing to Bullseye. Members have a dedicated page to take software updates and receive online support and can get the latest news on our plans for the paperless future and mobile online working across the criminal justice system. [ ... ]


At last a billing system which prompts you to claim all you are entitled to and does more than the LSC calculator. [ ... ]


If you have any problems of any kind, we are able to give you remote online assistance. Please call us on 020 7556 1030 and we will arrange a time to log into your system and provide help. [ ... ]