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Free trial until 31 May 2018 for new users.

AF1 and LF1 bills must now be submitted through the CCD online Portal. The portal allows you to input the bill but makes no attempt to calculate the value of claim. Our software calculates the optimum value of the claim and uploads it to the portal.

The software is available to new users on a free trial basis until 31 May 2018 when you sign up to our mailing list.

Existing users can purchase this download to replace their Bullseye ICLA software while keeping historic claims intact. It will then connect to the CCD online portal and utilise all the latest LAA calculation rules.

This new software costs £99 per year. It will not only save you time, it will maximise the value of your claims.

The software is available as a download from the website and is activated by submitting the from below.


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There are many advantages in subscribing to the Bullseye. Members have a dedicated page to take software updates and receive online support and can get the latest news on our plans for the paperless future and mobile online working across the criminal justice system. [ ... ]


At last a billing system which prompts you to claim all you are entitled to and does more than the LSC calculator. [ ... ]


If you have any problems of any kind, we are able to give you remote online assistance. Please call us on 020 7556 1030 and we will arrange a time to log into your system and provide help. [ ... ]