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Our Crown Court Advocacy billing system is a very powerful tool that helps you to bill with ease and also maximise fees which you would otherwise likely overlook if you just used the LAA on line calculator or any other billing system.

It can be purchased as stand-alone software together with our Crown Court Litigation system where firms already have accounts/practice management and case management software but inadequate Crown court billing systems.

The key outstanding features that other software can be checked against:

Advocates Graduated/Fixed/Ex post facto bills [AF1, Confiscation, Escape fixed Fees]

  • Easy to use - recognises the 21 different case types including Retrials
  • Retrials: allows you to elect which of two trials to treat as original trial.
  • Identifies Offence class and applies the correct fee rates.
  • Provides a list of offences per offence class
  • Bills both types of Confiscation cases
  • Helps identify and bill those committals for sentence/appeals/ breaches which should be claimed at enhanced rates and not the lower fixed fees.
  • Cases with Mental Health issues: can help add ££££ to the bill by calculating and electing from the 5 different fees from which you can elect the most beneficial fee
  • Module contains legal commentaries
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