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Robert Borwick, ABV Solicitors - London & Middlesex
In these testing times Bullseye significantly reduces the manpower needed to perform all necessary tasks. Bullseye Practice Management allows firms to effortlessly time record, bill files and make submissions to the LSC by way of bulk load. It is efficient and practical. It is designed with the practitioner in mind as is a useful tool to both fee earners and administration staff. It protects cash flow as commissions payments, disbursements and travel are only paid if time recorded or billed. Its performance reports and statistics are easy to comprehend and make practice management simplistic. Coupled with Intelligent Litigation and Advocacy this is a first class system and a must have investment for any firm seeking to run an efficient business in the current market.

Anthony Edwards, Senior Partner T V Edwards, and Author Fixe
Crown court advocacy is now an essential part of a criminal law practice. Maximizing return in a complex fees system is critical. Bullseye’s Intelligent Criminal Advocacy, written by a practitioner, makes the calculations, explains the best way to claim and why, corrects mistakes, and ensures that nothing is left unclaimed. It will rapidly pay for itself.

Ian Kelcey, Kelcey and Hall, Bristol
We started subscribing to Bulls Eye software about 18 months ago it has made our billing for the Crown Court much more efficient and maximises our claims within the first week of use we recovered the cost of outlay, I would recommend this to any Criminal Practitioner as an essential tool covering your billing claims for both Advocacy and Litigation. It is one of the best investments we have made.

Adam Makepeace, Practice Manager, Tuckers Solicitors– London
We picked up Bullseye on trial and within 15 minutes we had decided to replace our previous billing software and with an hour we had our billing staff in all offices nationally using it without any training issues. Simple, comprehensive, producing high quality bills in a format you can save and amend without fuss. Bullseye!

Nina Walsh, Practice Manager Bullivant Law –London
I manage a firm consisting of 20 plus Fee Earners and find that Bullseye Practice Management is an integral part of my working day. It is simple to use, time effective and a crucial organisational tool. We put aside 4 days a month to bill well over 150 police station and magistrate court files which we achieve with ease. Bullseye also calculates overtime, commissions and disbursements to fee earners ensuring prompt and accurate payments. I have been using this system for many years and would thoroughly recommend it.

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We started subscribing to Bulls Eye software about 18 months ago it has made our billing for the Crown Court much more efficient and... [ ... ]


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